How To Achieve Balance In Your Life

How to Achieve Balance In Your Life
  • Relationships

  • Add responsibilities responsibly

  • Communicate your needs clearly

  • Learn to compromise

  • Body and Health

  • Pay attention to your body\'s signals

  • exercise

  • Eliminate caffeine

  • Get enough sleep

  • Eat dinner as a family

  • Personal & Spiritual Growth

  • Find your spiritual connection

  • Take the time to reflect on each day and on your life as a whole

  • Get involved in helping others

  • Career

  • Watch your debt so you don\'t have to work all the time to pay it off

  • Avoid career burnout

  • Limit work hours

  • Turn off your cell phone after hours

  • Pick a weekly day of rest

  • Finances

  • Create a budget

  • Balance  your checkbook each month, noting expenditures

  • Live within your means

  • Pay cash for everything

  • Cook meals at home

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