31 Strategies to Strengthen Your Self-Confidence

31 Strategies to Strengthen Your Self-Confidence
  • Strive for excellence instead of perfectoin

  • Use positive self-talk

  • Celebrate every success

  • Smile and look people in the eye

  • Make time to do what you love

  • Take control.  Live your life with purpose

  • Change your approach to get more of the results ou desire

  • Know your strengths

  • Give genuine compliments to others

  • Accept your imperfections

  • Accept compliments

  • Set goals and work to achieve them

  • Look at the big picture.  Focus on what\'s more important to you

  • Avoid trying to impress others.  It\'s you that counts!

  • Stick up for yourself, your rights, and your beliefs

  • Believe in yourself.  You can do it!

  • Ask for help when you need it.  The ability to ask is actually a sign of strength

  • Think positive thoughts

  • Tackle goals one step at a time

  • Engage in a kind act

  • If you\'re struggling at a task, keep trying until you get it right

  • Relax: take a few deep breaths and refocus your mind

  • Step out of your comfort zone in favor of something more exciting

  • Try hypnosis

  • Start the day right with a positive morning routine

  • Nip negative thoughts in the bud

  • Fake it!  You\'ll be surprised how much more confident you feel!

  • Express Gratitude

  • Be prepared so you feel like you know what your doing

  • Excel at work

  • Take care with your appearance.  When you know you look great, you feel great about yourself as well..

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