10 Time Management Tips for The Chronically Late

time management tips 10 Tips for more time-efficient days.
  • Use your digital calendar to the max: add all details (particularly location), set two reminders, utilize the categories/color codes for each calendar event

  • Set all calendar events 15-20 minutes earlier than the actual time

  • Keep your gas tank from falling below half. When you\'re running late, you won\'t have to waste time making that stop to the gas station!

  • Never let your public transportation card balance fall below a trip OR set up auto-reload so you don\'t miss a train refilling your card balance

  • Rent a gym locker or keep a gym bag in the car with fresh gear

  • Pack lunch the night before, not in the morning 

  • Rest. Work on maintaining a sleep routine so getting up in the morning isn\'t so hard!

  • Set multiple alarms with different sound settings for the morning!!!!

  • Limit distractions. Remove Facebook or your most time-sucking apps from your phone. 

  • Use Checkli. Seriously! Organize your life and become more efficient by making lists. 

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