Stop Living Your Life As A Victim

Stop Living Your Life As A Victim
  • Realize that you can change your life if you choose to

  • Find your confidence by reflecting on your achievements, large and small

  • Show your confidence to othres

  • Replace the negative tapes in your mind with positive, self-affirming messages

  • Finish the tasks you start

  • Take responsibility.  Create a happy life for yourself one action at at time

  • Avoid blaming others for the outcome of your life

  • Love yourself

  • Adopt a new mantra.  Create a short, motivational sentence you can say to yourself that will help you become a survivor

  • Remind yourself that you control your responses to sitations and you always have options that you can choose from 

  • Keep a journal

  • Share your feelings

  • Ask those you trust for feedback

  • Tell yourself that it\'s okay to experience some discomfrotr

  • Focus.  When you stay centered on your options, emotions, and behaviors, you\'ll find life gets much easier

  • Seek professional help if you need it

  • Commit to applying these techniques in your daily life and unleash the survivor that\'s inside of you!

This checklist was created by lneumen

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