7 Low-Cost Tech Solutions for Event Planners

  • MeetUp: MeetUp.com is a popular site for people to look for events in their area or where they may be traveling. MeetUp lets you post your event and makes it searchable by user interests, demographics, type and location. 

  •  Siri: Apple\'s voice-controlled smart assistant Siri can help with many event tasks from event registration to communications. Many restaurants now use iPads for everything from registration to check-ins to menu ordering, and event planners are starting to use virtual assistants and tablets to streamline registration and communications. 

  • Alexa: Often event attendees have the same questions on arrival - where do I go, what\'s the password, what restaurants are nearby. Amazon Echo (named Alexa) can answer the same questions over and over - and entertain your guests! Amazon Skills can also help organizers plan and execute an event with to-do lists, time management and planning capabilities. 

  •  Trello: Many project management tools can be used for event planning task management, status tracking and collaboration. Trello keeps track of everything, from the big picture to the minute details. 

  •  IFTT: If This Then That lets you automate digital tasks you do over and over. Sharing real-time photos to social media, posting updates online, sending email welcomes to new signups, organizing receipts and expenses - even silencing your cellphone during the event! If IFTT doesn\'t have the exact skill you need, you can adapt one to fit your event - or make one yourself! 

  • Eventopedia: Event organizers need to know the best venues, suppliers, hotels and meeting resources in their hometowns - and in locations around the globe! Eventopedia is a free site full of user-reviewed event management resources - think Wikipedia for event planners. 

  • Canva: Design beautiful event posters, invitations, flyers and social media posts with the user-friendly and intuitive online graphic design tool Canva. The site offers templates you can use and modify, or for design inspiration!  

  • Learn More: Low-Cost Tech Tools for Event & Festival Planners https://www.macmandamedia.com/event-marketing/low-cost-tech-tools-for-event-festival-planners 

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