How to reopen your Salon or Spa after Covid-19

  • Step One: Order Supplies

  • Disposable masks for customers

  • Nitrile gloves in multiple sizes for customers

  • Disinfecting wipes

  • Hibiclens for handwashing

  • Hand sanitizer in a touchless dispenser

  • Disposable cups for beverages

  • Backbar, dispensary and retail items

  • Step Two: Reschedule appointments

    Make the process of cancelling and rescheduling appointments easier by staying organized with a master rescheduling list. 

  • Start a spreadsheet

    Use a spreadsheet to keep track of appointments that need to be rescheduled. Create columns for the client\'s name, contact information, and appointment type. 

  • Reschedule appointments

    Contact the clients on your reschedule list and give them priority booking for the initital time fram after reopening. 

  • Repeat the process (if necessary)

  • Set up online booking

    Use online booking platform to automatically cancel appointments as opening dates change and allow clients to rebook themselves. 

  • Step Three: Check for updates

    Don\'t completely bury your head in the sand. Make sure you stay aware of any important updates and guidelines coming from state of local officials. 

  • Subscripe to your state and local news releases

    Make sure to follow the news and get regular updates on any official order and guidelines.

  • Join online trade specific and business specific groups

    Get in touch with other in the industry by joining groups on social media, follow the online forums for advice and community. 

  • Bookmark official city & state goverment websites

    Bookmark important websites so you can check them easily. 

  • Get in touch with the city or local government if necessary

    There is a lot of conflicting information out there, contact loval government offices to clear up any uncertainties. 

  • Step Four: Focus on education

    Stay motivated. Encourage your staff to use this time to learn new skills, perfect existing ones, and engage in online courses.

  • Get Barbicide Certified

    Refresh your staffs knowledge on how to properly disinfect.

  • Subscribe to online courses

    Take advantage of the multitude of free courses available online or sign up for an education platform to learn new skills

  • Start an education forum for staff

    If you have a team, set up a weekly Zoom meeting for staff to share knowledge and discuss any learnings. 

  • Provide virtual consultations

    Offer virtual consultations for clients in order to make hair plans prior to their next appointment. 

  • Step Five: Create Distance

    Make your customers feel comfortable at your business by designing a new layout with more physical distance between chairs or stations. 

  • Create a schematic of your space to plan for social distancing

    See what you\'re working with in your space and note the current distance between each chair or station

  • Plan a new layout

    Work with the schematic to determine how to change your layout to provide a minimum of six feet of space between each station.

  • Schedule a time to implement the changes

    Set a time to go to the business and try out the new schematic. Take the time to prepare the new setup and visualize how it will work with staff members and clients.

  • Step Six: Rethink schedules

    Reworking your business hours may be the only way you\'re able to create enough distance between clients and limit the number of people present at once.

  • Consider a split shift

  • Start a conversations with booth renters to coordinate schedules

  • Expand your business hours

  • Adjust online booking to match new hours and shifts

  • Step Seven: Set up new protocols

  • Create handwashing protocols

    Outline expected handwashing protocols for staff and clients, make sue everyone knows whatis expected.

  • Set up a contactless retail system and checkout process

    Make adjustments to your retail product display and system to limitthe amount of people that need to touch items. Set up touchless checkout if possible. Learn how to set it up on a Poynt device for Mangomint users. 

  • Schedule a deep clean

  • Set up automatic waivers

  • Reopening the Business

  • Step Eight: Talk to clients

    Get the word out to your clients about your reopening and let them know about your new protocols, they\'ll appreciate knowing what to expect. 

  • Send a mass email or text

    Eliminate confusion while informing clients what to do at their next visit. Ease any anxiety by explaining your safety plans and protocols. 

  • Ask for feedback

    Ask your clients for suggestions and feedback about how you can make them feel more comfortable and accomodate any specific needs. 

  • Put up signage

    If necessary, put up signage around your business that explain protocols. Use signs to remind staff and clients hot to follow safety guidelines. 

  • Ask for clients to come alone

    Consider asking your clients to come to their appointments alone. There\'s no need to have extra people in the space. 

  • Step Nine: Finishing touches

    Allocate time prior to the reopening of your business to create new protocols that support the safety and health of your staff and clientele. 

  • Remove magazines and multi-use materials from waiting areas.

    Eliminate any unnecessary materials that could become infected. Reduce opportunities for the virus to spread on physical objects.

  • Practice your new processes - from client arrival to checkout

    Make it an easy transition. Clients will feel at ease by seeing your confidence and strict adherence to safety measure. Iron out any rough spots and train staff by running practive rounds from start to finish. 

  • Implement a daily meeting

    Add a daily meeting to the start of each shift. Use it as a forum for discussion and to remind staff about plans and protocols. 

  • Reopen your business

    Take a deep breath and open for business. Stay healthy and put safety first. 

  • Additional Resources

  • Qualified Salons recieve masks free

  • Have questions about online booking or how to create a contactless retail and checkout system? Join the Mangomint basics webinar

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