13 Proven Ways to Repurpose Epic Blog Posts to Get More Traffic, Leads and Sales

  • checkli.com lets you make a Public Checklist Template from your blog post, exactly like this one, that anyone can download, save and use, for free.

  • slideshare.net lets you upload power point of your blog post to share with the world, for free.

  • Podcast about your epic blog post so an entire different segment of your target market can listen to your research, thoughts and ideas on the subject.

  • Pull out your mobile phone, and video yourself, while recording your podcast, so your target market on Youtube has a chance to watch you discuss your epic post.

  • Share a series of tweets from your article containing fascinating and mind blowing statements from your blog post. This will get people intrigued enough to read the rest of your epic post.

  • Use tools like canva.com and Photoshop to make a visually mind-blowing infographic of all the research, facts, and figures you found, while writing your blog post.

  • Schedule a Twitter Chat with a hashtag, and series of discussion questions pulled straight from the research you did when writing your blog post.

  • If you have a decent following, schedule a webinar to go more in-depth about your blog post topic for your subscribers, viewers and students. 

  • People are thirsty for knowledge and to learn new skills, so use a tool like udemy.com to create a free or paid educational course around your epic post. 

  • Go to quora.com an search for some of the topics on your blog post, then answer questions using the research you found. 

  • Pick a specific detail from your epic article, that you can elaborate on, and write a smaller article using on that one detail, using online blogs like Medium.com.

  • Take 5-10 (or maybe more) statistics, facts or quotes from your article, and turn them into images, you can share on Instagram, twitter or Facebook over time.

  • People love testing the knowledge, so turn your epic post into a quiz and challenge the minds of your readers.

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