Content Maximizing: How to Optimize Top Performing Content for Additional Keyword Opportunities

Content Maximizing How to Perform Content Maximizing
  • 1. Setup

  • Connect Google Search Console to Google Analytics 

  • Open Google Analytics

  • Go to Acquisition > Search Console > Landing Pages 

  • Expand Google Analytics date range to capture enough data

  • 2. Identify Top Performing Content

  • Filter by your desired metric (Goal, Clicks, Impressions, Conversion Rate, etc)

  • Review top landing pages on the left in blue links (filter as desired)

  • Click the blue text link of a top performing landing page

  • 3. Identify Additional Target Keyword Opportunities

  • Review Average Position column. Look for keyword opportunities in positions 2-20 or more.

  • Select, and save additional keyword opprtunties.

  • 4. Update Content of Landing Page to Target Additional Keyword Opportunities 

  • Naturally add additional keyword opportunities in the page copy (new sections, headings, paragraphs, etc)

  • Naturally add additional keyword opportunities to new image file names, alt tags, and captions.

  • Update Title and Description tags with additional keywords opportuntities 

  • Update internal linking from other pages using additional keywords as anchor text

  • Perform any other natural optimization updates, based on additional keywords.

  • 5. Update Your Conversion Strategy

  • Identify top conversion points from top performing landing pages

  • Add heat sensor tracking to track eye movements and clicks ( works great!)

  • Add additional CTA points in post, sidebar, header, etc (content Upgrades, Links to Free Trials, Etc)

  • Consider adding sticky headre with a CTA button

  • COnsider Adding chat support to top performing landing page.

  • Perform any additional conversion points to maximize the performance of the landing page

  • Repeat 3-6 months

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