10 Point Checklist for Branding Your Content Upgrade

  • Checklist by Denise Wakeman, Your Guide to More Visibility on the Web

  • Your name as author of the content

  • URL for your website

  • URL that links back to the original blog post

  • Links to related content and resources. Where can you link to supporting blog posts and resources.

  • Can you include affiliate links?

  • Call to Action. What\'s the next logical step for the person to take?

  • Your bio. In 3-4 sentences tell a quick story about who you are, what you do and who you serve.

  • Your professional headshot. This is a key visibility piece and will set you apart as being recognizable around the Web.

  • Copyright info: (c) Your Name. All Rights Reserved. Your Website URL

  • Make it look great! Looks matter so do your best to design your content so it matches your brand.

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  • (c) Copyright Denise Wakeman. All Rights Reserved

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