Blog Post Promotion Checklist

  • Pre-publication: Prepare for promotion

  • Create 6-12 status updates you can use in your social media promotions

  • Create shareable images for each of the social networks you use: Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram (I recommend using A minimum of 3 images: square, horizontal and vertical

  • Include a minimum of one feature image in your blog post. Landscape is best (horizontal image.)

  • Create a blog post trailer video (use or Adobe Spark)

  • Use tweets and quotes to create quote images for sharing on visual platforms: Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Twitter

  • Create an image to post on Instagram Stories - 1080 x 1920 pixels

  • Create UTM tracking links for the sites on which you\'ll be sharing your blog post (see info here: )

  • Promote your published blog post

  • At time of publication, share your post on Twitter, your Facebook page, LinkedIn, and Pinterest if you are active on these platforms

  • Use your favorite scheduling tool to queue up social media posts that drip out to your preferred over 30 days; use the status updates you culled and created from your blog post

  • If you promote your posts on Instagram, use to offer multiple links on your bio. Update with a link to your new blog post. Example here: 

  • Day of publicaion: Set up your post push notification (ex.

  • Day of publication: send email notification to your blog notification list

  • 5-7 days after publication, upload your blog trailer video to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube

  • Post on Google My Business profile

  • If you run a LinkedIn group, share your post to the group

  • If you run a Facebook group, share your post to the group

  • 30 days after promotion - review data from shares and reshare the most popular tweets and status updates

  • Amplification Sites (free and fee)

  • Bloglovin\' (free - set up with RSS feed)

  • Triberr (free - set up with RSS feed)

  • Viral Content Bee (free & fee)

  • Quuu Promote (fee)

  • Social Buzz Club (fee)

  • Repurposing and Republishing Your Posts

  • Create reminders on your calendar on the dates you plan to republish your post

  • 14 days after publication - republish on 

  • 21 days after publication - republish on LinkedIn Articles

  • 28 days after publication - convert to pdf doc and post on

  • Create a slide deck with bullet points covering your content and post on Slideshare

  • Get more repurposing tips:

  • (c) Copyright Denise Wakeman. All Rights Reserved. (Updated June 2019)

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