December 30 Day Challenge: Start Planning Now for a Successful New Year

  • DECEMBER 1ST: Why wait until the end of the year? Write down 5 personal goals for 2021. Write down whatever comes to mind first, don\'t think too much about it

  • DECEMBER 2ND: Write down 5 professional goals for 2021. Follow the same format as above

  • DECEMBER 3RD: Fill our your calendar for the month, work and personal. This will help to relieve your anxieties of everything you need to get done before the end of the year

  • DECEMBER 4TH: Make necessary doctors appointments. It\'s a good time to do so before you deductible renews. Add these dates to your calendar

  • DECEMBER 5TH: If you work from home, take a few hours to clean and organize your work space. If you need to, take the time to order something to cheer up your space or to help you better organize your work space for 2021

  • DECEMBER 6TH: Clean out your email. Get rid of unwanted spam and unwanted store emails. Spend the time creating folders to better organize your emails.

  • DECEMBER 7TH: Update your social media profiles including bios and photos. Check your links to make sure they work

  • DECEMBER 8TH: Look through your social media channels and only follow those who inspire you or bring you happiness. Follow 5 new accounts on each platform.

  • DECEMBER 9TH: Update your website. Is your about page still relevant? Are your photos fresh and new? Is your email and contact up to to date?

  • DECEMBER 10TH: Write a blog post to give your website some new content. It could be as easy as a life or company update

  • DECEMBER 11TH: Listen to an podcast that\'s been on your list. Sometimes just listening to someone talk will give you that little push you need to inspire you

  • DECEMBER 12TH: Update your passwords. It\'s good to do this every year

  • DECEMBER 13TH: Check all your subscriptions and memberships.These can be business and personal. Cancel any that you are not using or won\'t use going into 2021

  • DECEMBER 14TH: Take a look at your outstanding bills and debt. Is there anything you can pay off now? Make a plan for how to continue or to start paying off your debt in 2021

  • DECEMBER 15TH: Spend a few hours working on your financial planning for 2021. Pay into your 401K, manage and assess your stock portfolio. Assess your savings account

  • DECEMBER 16TH: Take a personal day/half day to get things ready for the holidays. Make sure you have all your gifts and place any last minute orders so they arrive on time

  • DECEMBER 17TH: Review and update your resume. Spruce up your current position. Have you gained any new responsibilities this year or attended any new trainings? Earned any new certifications?

  • DECEMBER 18TH: Update your Linkedin profile and photo. Add your updated resume or add your new certifications. Follow 5 new contacts

  • DECEMBER 19TH: Review your healthcare plan. Are you self-employed? Open enrollment is now and you might get a better plan or deal before the end of the year.

  • DECEMBER 20TH: Update or create a new social/digital marketing strategy for 2021. Assess what worked and didn\'t work this year

  • DECEMBER 21ST: Update or create a new email marketing strategy for 2021. Assess what worked and didn\'t work this year

  • DECEMBER 22ND: Email someone you would like to work with or connect with next year

  • DECEMBER 23RD: Look for something you can sign up for in 2021. It can be personal or for professional

  • DECEMBER 24TH: Send out a personalized email to your clients. It can be holiday related or thanking them for their continued business

  • DECEMBER 25TH: Enjoy the day with your family and loved-ones

  • DECEMBER 26TH: Re-check this checklist is there anything you missed, haven\'t done yet, or need to finish?

  • DECEMBER 27TH: Review your small bills. For example, did you cell phone increase? Can you get a better deal? Are your autopays up to date?

  • DECEMBER 28TH: Review your 2020 year. What where your challenges? What did you accomplish? When did you feel your best and worst this year? Take few minutes to write your feelings down.

  • DECEMBER 29TH: Take a look at your personal and business goals for 2021. Is there anything you need to change after completing this month?

  • DECEMBER 30TH: You completed this challenge!!! How do you feel going into 2021? Do you feel ready? Anxious? Take some time to write your thoughts going into the new year. It can even be an email to yourself

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