Boost Your Online Sales

  • Determine what products and services you want your "virtual" sales person to sell.   There will be a flow (FREE gift=>  story=>  offer=>  bonus=>  offer=>  bonus=>  close)

  • Brainstorm on your FREE gift - The most important thing is that your gift is of value to your new customer.

  • Create your FREE gift offer.  (eBook, webinar, worksheet, consultation, assessment)

  • Create your content (copy and image) for each gift, offer and bonus.

  • Create your content (copy and images) for your authentic story.  People want to know who you are.  Your job is to tell and authentic story that relates to the product or service you are selling.

  • Create a website that sells for you.  Setup a FREE 14 day trial @

  • Create your landing page for lead capture.  (capture their email in exchange for a free gift)

  • Get Real...Create your Story and Offer page.  (Be authentic)

  • Setup your payment options.  (This is how you get paid!)

  • Integrate an email service. (I use MailChimp)

  • Setup a campaign to stay connected to your customer.  (offer value, don\'t just sell)

  • Get Social!  Set up your social media business page and community.  

  • Be consistent in showing up on social media.  I use PreBuilt Marketing.  It will create your content, schedule your post and analyze the results.  Save loads of time.  Get a FREE 7 day trial here: 

  • Create another sales flow for you "virtual" sales person.

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