☆ aesthetic vocabulary ☆

  • Petrichor- the smell of Earth after rain

  • Efflorescent- blossoming

  • Limerence- the state of being infatuated with another person

  • Eunoia- beautiful thinking

  • Chrysalism- the internal tranquility of being indoors during a thunderstorm

  • Serendipity- the effect of finding something beautiful without looking for it

  • Euphonious- pleasing to the ear

  • Blithe- a casual and cheerful indifference

  • Desolate- deserted of people

  • Heliophilia- the desire to say in the sunlight

  • Tranquillity- a state of being calm

  • Scintilla- a spark of a feeling

  • Kalon- beauty that lays in the person\'s morals

  • Panacea- a solution to all problems

  • Amaranthine- everlasting

  • Efficacious- successful

  • Sciamachy- to fight against an imaginary opponent

  • Elysian- having the characteristics of heaven or a paradise

  • Serein- rain falling from a cloudless sky

  • Saudade- a feeling of nostalgia

  • Destinesia- reaching a destination and then forgetting why you\'re there

  • Susurrus- a whisper

  • Meliorism- the idea that the world can get better with the help of humans

  • Alexithymia- the inability to describe emotions

  • Euneirophrenia- being in a good state of mind after sleeping

  • Ludic- to show spontaneous playfullness

  • Orphic- misterious and entrancing

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