17 Ways to Build Links in 2017

  • Broken Links - Search for broken links to similar content you write about. Then email the author, alert them, and offer a link to your content instead. http://www.brokenlinkcheck.com

  • Help a Reporter Out (HARO) - Reporters and journalists need your stories. Sign up for HARO and get notifications from journalists who need your unique insight. https://www.helpareporter.com

  • Content Marketing Platforms - Use popular content platforms like this one (Checkli), Medium, and slideshare to grab simple links to your website.

  • Infographics - I\'ve created and shares about 50 inforgraphics, and most people link back to my site when sharing them on their blog. Easy breezy link bait!

  • Unlinked Mentions - Search for your web address and look for mentions without a hyperlink. Then email and politely ask the author to add the hyperlink to your website.

  • Ego Bait - Interview or write and article about a big influencer in your industry hoping he or she shares and links back to your post.

  • Write Epic Shit - This is the easiest one. Write epic more shit and people will link to it. It\'s that simple. Do extensive research. Write over 2,000 words. Cite your sources.

  • Scholarship Offers - This is easier than you think. Reach out to a few universities and offer a small scholarship from your company in hopes that you\'ll get a glorious edu link to your site.

  • Social Media Profiles - Social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, and Pinterest are still super easy sites to get profile links from.

  • Micro Sites - Build a couple of small micro sites with valuable content like courses, or free tools. Host them on a different server and link back to your site.

  • Test Something and Share - Test something interesting for 30 days and write about what you find. People love simple data like this. It\'s that simple.

  • Career Resource for Students - Create a career page or job resource page for a local college or a college in your industry. Them alert them in hopes that they share your page on their site.

  • Offer Testimonials or Case Studies - Who\'s service are you super happy with? Well, offer them a free case study or testimonial if they link back your site. Easy like Sunday morning!

  • Guest Blogging - Still works!. Still super easy to do. Nothing has changed. Keep guest blogging and sharing awesome content....and sneak a link in there if you can.

  • Offer Podcast Interviews - Podcasters not only love to interview people but they almost always link to your site as well. If they don\'t just ask them and I\'m sure they will.

  • Forums - Participate in forums. Give your honest and amazing advice, and when it\'s natural and relavent, slip your link in there.

  • Build a Free Tool - Build a free tool that your target market will love to use over and over. Take this very checklist tool. It\'s totally free and people all over the world link to it.

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