How to Optimize Your Page for Featured Snippets in Google Search

  • Write you page title in the form of a question or answer (How to..., What is..., How do...)

  • Make sure your URL, reflects your page title: /how-to-do-this

  • Add your question to the page body using a H1, H2, H3, or H4 tag

  • Option A

  • Answer the question in a html paragraph tag

  • Use 54-58 words to answer your question (source:

  • Option B

  • Use HTML bullets directly below your question to answer

  • Start bullets common answer phrasing (First, Second or Step 1, Step 2, etc)

  • Option C

  • Use Subheadings (h2, h3, etc) to answer your question

  • Begin subheadings with common answer phrasing like (First, Second or Step 1, Step 2, etc)

  • Notes:

  • Make sure your page is optimized for a target keyword and question

  • Use to audit any page against keyword question

  • Read more about Google\'s Featured Snippet at:

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