Mobile SEO Checklist

  • Site Set Up

  • Responsive Design

  • Different URLs serving different mobile optimised content

  • Dynamic serving URLs

  • Technical

  • Add a viewport meta tag

  • Allow crawling of CSS, JavaScript, and images

  • Consider HTML5 for animation and videos

  • Mobile sitemap submitting in Google Webmaster Tools

  • Check all mobile friendly redirects for 404 errors

  • (Local sites) include name, address, phone number in meta data

  • Disable non-mobile friendly popups and ads

  • Content / Usability

  • Page speed is less than 1 second

  • Hide unnecessary elements from mobile view

  • Content is visible without scrolling horizontally

  • Most important page elements appear at the top of

  • Videos are responsive

  • Consider simple banners and promote mobile apps

  • Image sizes are reduced to fast load time

  • Pages are readable without zooming/pinching

  • Clickable links are spaced out and easy to click

  • Website does not use Flash

  • Mobile links point to the correct mobile page

  • Other

  • Run mobile-friendly test :

  • Note that only non-mobile friendly pages on your site will be negatively affected in mobile search results

  • Check that your mobile-friendly pages show a "mobile friendly" label in the mobile search results

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