10 Ways To Deal With Aerophobia

  • Go to your doctor and explain your fear -- this is your first step. They can help you by prescribing medication for your flight. If this doesn\'t work, move on to step two.

  • Before your flight, avoid caffeine as it can increase anxiety. Opt for a calming tea such as chamomile and stay hydrated with water.

  • I\'ve noticed window seats cause me more fear. Try your hardest for an aisle seat -- it makes it feel less like you\'re in the sky.

  • TALK TO YOUR FLIGHT ATTENDANT. I\'ve had nothing but good experiences. Talking to a flight attendant is therapeutic and they deal with people who are afraid of flying every day.

  • Watch your flight attendants. If they are smiling and calm (even during heavy turbulence) then you should feel safe.

  • Be social! It always helps me to strike conversation with friendly co-passengers. Watching them unaffected by the flight makes things so much easier.

  • Escape to the bathroom or walk the aisles. You are allowed to as long as the seat belt sign is off! This passes time and stimulates other senses besides anxiety.

  • Put your headphones in and keep them there. You won\'t hear the sound of the airplanes.

  • If you are of-age, have a stiff cocktail! They call it \'liquid courage\' for a reason.

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