Digital Marketing: New Client Questionnaire Checklist

New Client Questionnaire Checklist New Client Questionnaire Checklist

  • Company name and primary contact information for the project

  • Briefly explain the project

  • Briefly, explain the project format (ebook, website, media content, blog, social media, other)

  • Describe the target audience for this project

  • What is the budget range for the project?

  • What is your realistic preferred deadline? Does the deadline aline with a launch, event, promotion, etc?

  • What is the main goal for this project? (sales, promotion, launch, increase blog/website traffic, educate, etc)

  • What social media platforms do you have or prefer? Are you will to give over access?

  • Are their anticipated roadblocks for this projects?


  • How closely do you prefer to work? Do you want daily/weekly check-ins? In person/email/phone?

  • What platforms/tools do you anticipate needing/using to complete this project?

  • How do you prefer project deliverables? (CMS, Word document, Wordpress, directly to your site, PDF)

  • Would you prefer a hard copy or electronic copy?


  • Are you interested in editing services for content you provide or will someone else be editing?

  • In what geographic area will the content be used?

  • What is your target audience dialect?

  • Are you interested in a monthly/ongoing social media marketing campaign component?


  • Are you willing to credit me once the piece is published?

  • Can I use your work as an example on my website?

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