Monthly Influencer Checklist for Your Intern

monthly influencer checklist monthly influencer checklist

  • Review analytics on all social media accounts and use your notes to help assist with creating a monthly social media audit

  • Track and review growth across all social media platforms

  • Review and audit current social media campaigns. Are monthly goals met?

  • Research competitors (did any of their content do especially well, take notes)

  • Help with creating monthly social media audit

  • Research upcoming holidays and events that can be used to help your brand or business


  • Assist with creating topics ideas for following month

  • Help with planning out upcoming photo shoot ideas

  • Help with planning out partnership content

  • Attend monthly team brainstorm meeting


  • Research any new social media news/articles/updates

  • Work on PR pitches for partnerships for upcoming month

  • Assist with creating content calendar for following month

  • Assist with PR packages (send thank you notes)

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