February Valentine's Day Challenge: Do Something Lovely for Your Love

February Valentine's Day Challenge February Valentine's Day Challenge
  • FEBRUARY 1ST: Write a love note and leave it somewhere they will find it

  • FEBRUARY 2ND: Plan a movie night with popcorn, favorite candy, and a cocktail and watch a movie or show they want to watch

  • FEBRUARY 3RD: Surprise them with their favorite breakfast

  • FEBRUARY 4TH: Tell them three thoughtful things throughout the day

  • FEBRUARY 5TH: Do something for them that you wouldn\'t normally do for example do the dishes, put gas in the car, get the car cleaned, take out the trash, take their clothes to the dry cleaner, etc

  • FEBRUARY 6TH: Give them a small token gift to show your appreciation for them. Could be a simple as bring home their favorite bottle of wine, favorite beer, flowers, etc

  • FEBRUARY 7TH: Tell them how much you love them (sometimes we don\'t say it enough)

  • FEBRUARY 8TH: Surprise them and order in their favorite take out

  • FEBRUARY 9TH: Put your phone away and truly engage and listen to your partner speak. Spark conversation around them, a simple, how are you doing? How was your day?

  • FEBRUARY 10TH: Leave a fun or sexy doodle where they will find it

  • FEBRUARY 11TH: Even if you are just home put on something nice just for them

  • FEBRUARY 12TH: Bite your tongue when they do something that annoys you

  • FEBRUARY 13TH: Surprise them with their favorite meal. A date night before Valentine\'s Day.

  • FEBRUARY 14TH HAPPY VALENTINE\'S DAY!: Instead of buying a card, write a love letter or make a card. Gifts are ok but try to gift with meaning. Plan a night for just the two of you doing something you both love to do

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