Hair Salon Employee Onboarding Checklist

Hair Salon Employee Onboarding Checklist Hair Salon Employee Onboarding Checklist

  • Employee folder created (paper and/or digital)

  • Employee has complete W-9 and other employment documents

  • Employee has provided direct deposit/bank information

  • Employee has provided all relevant contact information

  • Employee has received welcome packet and salon training documents/manual

  • Employee has received a copy of the salon employee handbook

  • Employee has received a copy of salon health & safety information

  • Company culture documents (include dress code, professional ethics and the code of conduct)

  • Give an overview of the hair salon, mission, and goals

  • Chair contract review and signed

  • Compensation, bonuses, commission, vacation, and benefits documents

  • Job description and responsibilities

  • Business cards have been ordered

  • Employees email has been set up

  • Employee is set up in your systems (payroll, scheduling, etc)

  • New schedule has been provided

  • New hire introduction to other employees


  • TRAINING MATERIALS (Walk employee through training manual (or videos))

  • SALON SOFTWARE TRAINING (Set up training on register training, customer communication, salon products, etc)

  • PRODUCT KNOWLEDGE (Set up training and overview of company product, service, etc)

  • TRAINING SHIFTS (Set up first shifts for on-the-job shadow training, receptionist training, shampoo training, color training, etc)

  • FLOOR TRAINING (walk the employee through greeting and welcoming customers, walking customers through hair process, salon cleaning, displays, etc.)


  • EMPLOYEE FIRST SHIFT RUN (appointments with customer)

  • EMPLOYEE PRODUCT TRAINING/NEWSHIPMENTS (follow manual and guidelines for displays and new hair products and services)

  • FEEDBACK (things to review/work on)

  • ADDITIONAL TRAINING (floor training, etc)

  • PRAISE (positive feedback/boost confidence)

  • QUESTIONS AND CONCERNS (let new employee give feedback or ask questions)


  • CHECKINS (one month, three month, six month)

  • EMPLOYEE REVIEW AND QUESTIONNAIRE (3, 6 ,9 ,and 12 months)

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