Pre-Holiday Cleaning Checklist

house cleaning house cleaning
  • Clean up the coffee station / set up a coffee station if you don\'t have one

  • Season your cast iron & stone cookware to prepare for meal-making

  • Polish silverware and unpack the china you plan on using

  • Wash your holiday linens (tablecloth & napkins)

  • After washing, iron the holiday linens

  • Sanitize your dishwasher in advance - there will be plenty of use of it during the holidays!

  • Clean out any expired spices, baking supplies, etc. from your refrigerator and pantry

  • Polish the dining table and chairs in preparation for hosting

  • If guests are staying in your home, be sure to prepare a clean set of bed linens, and possibly add a welcome basket of toiletries

  • Defrost and clean out your kitchen freezer

  • Scrub the inside of the refrigerator and clean any spills or crumbs

  • Wash or dust off the curtains in your hosting rooms

  • Clean the windows in your hosting rooms

  • Thoroughly clean your carpets

  • Flip the mattresses that your guests will be using

  • Organize and declutter table and shelving spaces

  • Rid of any mildew in the bathroom (toilet, shower & sink)

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