Prepare for your Holiday Party!

holiday party holiday party
  • Plan Ahead

  • Finalize your guest list, and send out some festive invites!

  • Order some fresh meat or seafood (and specify with the vendor your pick-up date)

  • Get plenty of your favorite holiday beverages (alcoholic + mixers or non-alcoholic)

  • Prepare yummy snacks on easy plates or bowls to put around your hosting area

  • Consider also sweets, like cake, pie or pudding

  • Food-related gifts

  • Wine

  • Specialty kitchen oils/syrups

  • Cookie

  • Bake something on your own! And top it off with some pretty wrapping.

  • Final to-do\'s

  • Rearrange furniture in your hosting area to create a warm space for your guests

  • Pick up fresh bread and milk for any cooking needs

  • Choose perfectly ripe fruit for your dishes

  • Flowers/foliage for decoration

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