My 5 Most Important Morning Stress Reliefs

  • Remind yourself why you\'re happy. Make a list of 3-5 things you\'re most happy for, and repeat them to yourself each morning.

  • Exercise to prepare your body for the stresses of the day. I read this tip from a Navy Seal. The longer you wait to exercise, the less likely you will do it.

  • Eat pre-made healthy breakfast. Prepare breakfast the night before or the Sunday before your week starts. Don\'t spend time cooking and cleaning, and never miss a healthy breakfast each morning.

  • Smile and say hello. A smile release dopamine in your brain. Dopamine reduces stress, and is your brain\'s source of pleasure and reward. Plus, a smile and hello is very contagious.

  • Make your bed. This is an old military secret. Accomplishing a small task, like making your bed, prepares your mind for a productive day.

This checklist was created by marvinrussell

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