25 Lists Everyone Needs To Make

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  • Destinations you'd like to explore

  • Career goals

  • Particular wardrobe-building garments to add to your closet

  • Things you're thankful for

  • Important dates (birthdays, anniversaries, etc.)

  • Usernames and passwords

  • Restaurants to try

  • Favorite quotes

  • Books you'd like to read

  • Personal health goals (mental and physical)

  • Movies to watch

  • TV shows to watch

  • Cooking recipes to try

  • Activities to try in your hometown

  • Gift ideas for birthday, wedding, religious holidays, etc.

  • Steps to budgeting your expenses

  • DIY projects

  • Bucket list

  • Musicians you would like to see in live concert

  • Experiences and accomplishments that you're proud of

  • Regular cleaning must's in your home

  • Favorite memories

  • Skills you've acquired (or would like to learn)

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