How to Incorporate Minimalism

minimalism minimalism
  • Stay "offline" for the day

  • Meditate for 20 minutes

  • Clean out your digital platforms

  • A day of no complaining

  • Narrow down to 3-5 priorities

  • Take part in a morning ritual

  • Refine your reading list

  • Find peace and enjoyment in moments of solitude

  • Simplify your beauty regime

  • Refrain from emails and social media for half the day (after lunch!)

  • Re-asses your commitments

  • Clarify your goals for the whole year

  • Organize your closet

  • Choose a new skill to learn

  • Consider your everyday habits - what\'s helpful, what\'s NOT helpful

  • Refrain from buying anything for a whole day

  • Focus on one task at a time

  • Unfollow/unfriend - declutter your social media

  • Take a leisure stroll outside

  • Choose reading instead of TV for the whole day

  • Jot down notes and thoughts in a journal for half an hour

  • Practice a soothing bedtime routine

  • Choose to wear no makeup for the day

  • Exercise gratitude

  • Start and finish the day without plans. Just "go with it" for the day.

  • Consider and ID any origins of stress you have

  • Declutter any junk spaces or messy drawers

  • Experience "let go" of a task that simply isn\'t working out

  • Turn your notification settings "off"

  • Review your most recent 5-10 purchases and asses their level of necessity

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