Importance of Essay Writing in High Schools.

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  • Essay writing is a compulsory part of a degree in all academic institutes. Students cannot avoid writing essays. It is the best tool that teachers have to evaluate writing skills and grip on various subjects of students. That\'s why they give high importance to essay writing.

  • On the other hand, there are many students who focus on learning writing skills and express their thoughts in an extraordinary way. Still, they fail to score high grades in exams. Such students, as a result, get depressed.

  • Well, there might be several reasons for students not scoring the desired results. But a common mistake that students often make is that they don\'t deploy the required efforts to make the introduction of an essay an attention grabber.

  • Students have to realize the importance of writing an attention-seeking and outclass introductory paragraph in essay writing. A student or a neophyte writer must know that the first impressions are the most lasting. If they don’t, they can use sites with essay writing service to help themselves.

  • For this purpose, an essay writer can use a hook statement. It depends on the writer which type of a hook statement he mentions in an opening statement of the essay as it has different types.

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