40+ shows to watch

  • Rick & Morty (animated comedy, sci fi, my fav of all time)

  • The Good Place (Comedy, phylosophical)

  • The Handmaid\'s Tale (I love this so much, dystopia)

  • Homeland (my fav crime series)

  • CSI (crime)

  • NCIS (crime)

  • Criminal Minds (crime)

  • Shooter (crime)

  • My wife and kids (comedy)

  • My family (comedy, classic)

  • Outnumbered (comedy)

  • The Umbrella Academy (amazing, sci-fi)

  • 13 Reasons Why (teen drama)

  • Chicago PD (crime)

  • Chicago Fire (crime)

  • Big Bang Theory (comedy)

  • Glee (teen drama, comedy)

  • Bodyguard (crime)

  • Killing Eve (witty crime)

  • Line of duty (season 3 is the best, 1 and 2 are so boring, crime)

  • Designated survivor (crime, politics)

  • The Goldbergs/Black-ish (family comedy, got boring after a while)

  • The Real Hustle (docu-series education, entertainment)

  • Miranda (comedy)

  • Casualty (drama)

  • Hawaii Five-0 (crime, more comical vibe)

  • Lupin (master-of-disguise, crime drama)

  • Money Heist (Action drama, 10/1)

  • Modern Family (Comedy, 10/10)

  • Solar opposites (Rick & Marty 2.0)

  • Attack on Titan (No.1 Anime,100/10)

  • The Bill (Old-ish police drama, a classic)

  • Black Mirror (dystopia, thriller, amazing, check online for which episodes to watch)

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