Winter Activity Ideas

Snow day Snow day
  • Create snow angels

  • Enjoy a pajama day

  • Build a snowman

  • Go ice fishing

  • Have a spa day

  • Holiday lights sight-see

  • Kiss under mistletoe

  • Drink some hot cocoa

  • Go ice skating

  • Cook chili

  • Go sledding

  • Do a puzzle

  • Hang ornaments

  • Build a gingerbread house

  • Horseback ride on a trail

  • Bake some yummy bread

  • Craft hot toddies (21+ yrs old)

  • Play board games

  • Catch up with friends/family in front of a fireplace

  • Take a dip in a hot tub

  • Paint with snow

  • Have a movie night

  • Go tubing down a snowy hill

  • Learn to knit

  • Throw a cookie party

  • Enjoy some football

  • Take up photography

  • Rent a cabin

  • Go on a nature walk

  • Gather a group to go carol singing

  • Donate toys

  • Carriage ride

  • Build a masterful chair/blanket fort in the livingroom

  • Take the polar bear swim challenge

  • Visit a museum

  • Enjoy a ski day on the slopes

  • Buy your dog some puppy snow shoes, then go for a walk

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