Winter Home Prep

winter home winter home
  • Snow blower - be sure to test it before the snow season really hits to make sure it\'s working properly.

  • Ceiling fan direction - Did you know... the direction your fan spins should change with the season? Switch the spin to clockwise at slow speed to circulate warm air downward.

  • Test your Furnace and Thermostat before cold weather really gets rough. Also, investing in thermostats with programs are a helpful way to regulate temperature when people aren\'t home.

  • Cover or remove window-set Air Conditioning units to prevent drafts.

  • Do you have Storm Doors in your home? Replace them with glass panels.

  • This is rodent season! So be sure to seal any cracks or holes on the outside of your home to prevent unexpected furry guests.

  • Turn off water flow for faucets and hose outside your home to prevent them from freezing and pipes bursting.

  • If you have a pool, clean out any debris and drain the majority of water (but not all!).

  • Block drafts around doors and windows with weather stripping, window film and/or caulk.

  • If you have chimneys, get them cleaned by a sweeper who has experience. This decreases the risk of fire.

  • Be cautious with the prospect of door locks freezing over. To prevent this, spray the outside of the door lock with powdered-graphite libricant.

  • Lower the temperature of your water heater to reduce damage on the pipes. While many houses are set at 140 degrees F, many only need 120 degrees for comfort.

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