What to pack on Winter Vacation

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  • Thermal wear - try Uniqlo\'s Heattech collectino of long sleeve tops and leggings

  • Sweaters - cardigans, pullovers or basic knitted sweaters. These are essential!

  • Jeans - wearable even with thermal leggings underneath to keep you nice and toasty

  • Down Jacket - necessary for temperatures ~50 degrees Fahrenheit and below. Waterproof helps, too, for the snow.

  • Coat - whether a trench coat or a peacoat, these are classic fashion items that will always keep you warm

  • Gloves - or rather, mittens. Surprisingly, fingers together produce more warmth than fingers separated.

  • Hats - the top of your head is also important, so bring a a knit cap or bean to keep your extremities heated

  • Scarves - these are versatile for many reasons. They can be wrapped in various warm ways around your neck and shoulders

  • Socks - feet are incredibly important to maintaining your body heat, so pack some that are thick, long, made with wool, and/or are insanely cozy

  • Boots - from ankle length to knee high, your feet will be thank you if you decide to tote these. The darker the boots, the better for hiding dirt/mud. Also, make sure they\'re water-resistant.

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