DO’s /DON’T’s for Venice, Italy

Venice, Italy Venice, Italy
  • Always the #1 DO: go *without* a tour group, so you can get lost in the city! Venice is not so big, and incredibly safe. Go for it.

  • DON’T walk in the center of our tiny streets, please! Always stay to the right, leaving space on the left. (Venetians won’t be so kind otherwise.)

  • DO go on a gondola ride, but beware of scam prices. It should cost you 90 Euro TOTAL for a standard ride (no matter how many people in the boat).

  • DO pause around 5pm, possibly by the Grand Canal for the view, and grab a “Sprtiz.” This aperitif is Venetian-born, so you won’t find it better than here!

  • DON’T be naive about the Murano glass stores when shopping in Venice. DO the research on which stores sell true Murano glass, and which ones are fake.

  • DO visit the beautiful rainbow-colored fisherman island of Burano! It\'s roughly 50 minutes by ferry from Venice, but totally charming and worth it.

  • If you DO go to Burano, DON’T miss out on their special & particular way of making lace. Here, you’ll find techniques unlike any in France or Belgium.

  • DO visit the local fisherman market by the Rialto bridge, and DO it well before 12pm! This is the only spot in town to buy anything that comes from the sea.

  • DON’T turn down seafood-related menu options (if you enjoy it generally). *Seafood* is a huge part of Venetian culture, so it’s bound to be delicious.

  • What\'s a *classic* Venetian dish? DO try “Scampi alla Busara" with squid ink pasta. Yum!!

  • DO also be wary of take-away sandwiches and salads. If they look old in the display, DON’T buy them :)

  • And definitely DON’T eat anything inside Piazza San Marco! Not only is it illegal (you will get a fine), but Venetians consider it to be very disrespectful.

  • DO follow the Piazza’s etiquette signage, which also asks that you not sit on the stairs. Remember, the Piazza’s structure is a *national monument*!

  • DON’T feed the pigeons! It is technically illegal to do so, but it also enumerates the already undesirable number of pigeons that exist there.

  • DO visit the Basilica, and DO visit the top of the Tower (if you have time to wait in line). As you might imagine, the view is incredible.

  • DO take pictures on Rialto bridge. DON’T only consider the East view, though. People typically disregard the West view, and it’s just as lovely (+ less people).

  • DO support the small, local businesses in town!! Some are still family-run and have been for decades. DO say hi to the shop owner and learn about their story.

  • DON’T only visit the city center. Also explore: Cannaregio, Castello, and even the Lido. Here, you\'re out of the tourism and can see true Venetian life better.

  • DO say “Permesso” (pronounced “Per-mes-soh”) or “Scusa” (pronounced “Skoo-zah”) to politely move past slower people in the street.

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