8 Tips to Stay on Top of Your Fit Lifestyle While Traveling

fitness tips for travel Maintaining your workouts during the busy travel seasons is easy with planning and prep.
  • Pack your active wear! Think top to bottom, and don\'t forget the right socks and shoes.

  • Pack your travel-friendly equipment: jump rope, resistance tube and/or TRX when you hit the road.

  • Flying? Start hydrating with extra water 24-48 hours in advance.

  • Bring small energizing snacks to stave off hunger--and poor eating choices. (Protein bars, raw nuts, unsweetened dried fruit, thick-skinned fruits are easy to pack options!)

  • Road Tripping? Pack a small cooler with your key staples and dietary needs.

  • Pack a water bottle. You can refill and stay on top of your hydration game in the airport or at the hotel fitness center.

  • Download a fitness app. If you haven\'t already started using a fitness tracker or workout app, start with a couple of the free downloads/trial and take this time to play with a couple of new workouts.

  • Plan ahead, period. Check out your hotel\'s fitness center online. Locate trails and parks near your family\'s home. Map out some time to run or take a city hike for sightseeing.

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