Discover Verona, Italy

  • It’s the original “City of Love” (from Romeo and Juliet). Upon arriving, you’ll quickly realize why. The city is utterly romantic.

  • Roman influence is well-kept: numerous underground ruins, an amphitheater, city walls, and a small coliseum still used today for concerts & operas.

  • You’ll be able to flow in & out of high-traffic areas, freeing you from tourism when you want. Some streets are so blissfully quiet, you’ll forget you’re in a large city.

  • It’s uber walkable! The city center is quite easy to maneuver by foot. Should you wish to venture further, the bus system is cheap & easy to use.

  • Visit Verona when flowers are in bloom, and you\'ll be in awe. The city is packed with balconies displaying the most colorful floral arrangements.

  • Giardini Giusti: navigate a maze of manicured hedges and decades-old cypress. Then venture up a small spiral staircase that leads to a stunning city overlook.

  • Tour a castle sitting along the riverbank, with a picturesque red brick bridge joining both riversides.

  • Tour a 2ND castle that\'s an easy 10 minute walk from the city center on top of a hill, and offers a breath-taking view of the city from above.

  • The city sits just below the Alps, and the river water that flows down from there will turn into a lovely mint green hue when the weather is dry.

  • ...And, you can kayak on it!

  • There are multiple historic piazza’s to explore, although the crowd favorite is Piazza Erbe. Simply look at images here to see why:

  • Verona is a bit cheaper than its Venetian counterpart, Venice. Yep, you ready that right - Verona was once part of the Venetian empire. *So much history here!*

  • The city is perfectly located near mountains, lakes, and vineyards...

  • So take a day trip to Italy\'s lake country, and explore one of the locals\' favorite summer getaways. Lake Garda just 20 minute drive from Verona.

  • Not interested in the lakes? There are more than enough vineyards near by to keep you busy! The region specializes in Valpolicella and Soave.

  • Feel like having a "pampered" day? Drive ~2 hrs towards the Alps, and you\'ll find tons of affordable spas with gorgeous elevated views.

  • Now. Are you going to add Verona to your next Italian vacation checklist? Because you should!

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