DIY Keyword Research Checklist

seo keyword research
  • Take a real hard look at not only what you do but what makes you special. Write down at least three things that make you valuable to your customers

  • Now that you have three reasons why people would do business with you, start thinking of ways people might search for your products or services. A good way to start, is to look at your site navigation and break it down, category by category. Write a list of at least 5-10 words down per category. If you\'re a techy- use Excel

  • Plug your list of keywords into free tools like Google Trends, Keyword Shitter 💩, and Answer the Public. Gather the data from these tools

  • Analyze your keyword data and choose the best selections. Your goal should be to target 1-2 keywords per page. Save those two selections and toss out the rest

  • Come up with a few synonymous variations of your two selections by using Google or Answer the Public\'s related keyword suggestions

  • Now you have two keyword targets per page on your website, as well as a few synonymous variations to add to your list to weave throughout your web copy

  • Start tackling your SEO strategy and create your keyword-rich title tags, meta descriptions, content and more!

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