How to Write the Perfect Meta Descriptions for SEO

  • Grab your keyword list and go to

  • In a second browser tab, open the product or service page on your website you\'ll be writing the meta description for

  • Head back to and start writing a draft of your meta description in the description box

  • As you write, you will see the character count. Make sure to keep your meta description under 156 characters so it doesn\'t get truncated in Google

  • Start to describe your product or service that will make someone want to learn more and visit your website.

  • Include your target keyword in the description at least once if you can (this gets bolded when searched on Google)

  • Include a call to action or highlight a benefit like, "Visit our website to learn more." or "Lifetime guarantee + fast shipping!". Think like a marketer!

  • When you have the perfect meta description, copy + paste to add to your website!

This checklist was created by rachelmhowe

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