How to Win the Rat Race - 16 Rules to Live Your Life By

  • Be aware that you are in a rat race.

  • Constantly improve and practice self awareness.

  • Remove money from your equation by making more or spending less.

  • Pay yourself first. Save 20% of each paycheck.

  • Create an income backup, an backup of your backup.

  • Only do only what you love to make money.

  • Appreciate, learn, and practice mediation.

  • Always keep your expenses low as your income grows.

  • Regularly make checklists of your goals.

  • Find work-life balance - Watch this brilliant Ted Talk:

  • Always take full responsibility and you will take full power over your life.

  • Invest in yourself.

  • Never rely on anyone or anything for money to survive. Be an entrepreneur.

  • Buy and rent property as soon as you can.

  • Never stop learning, studying, and educating yourself.

  • Never retire, because you truly love what you do.

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