Shopify SEO - New Website Checklist

  • Submit your sitemap to Google through the Search Console.

  • Check for crawl errors on Google Search Console. (Recommended every 14 days)

  • Ensure you are using one, and only one, H1 tag on your pages.

  • Keep your page titles under 60 characters

  • Keep your meta descriptions punchy and under 155 characters.

  • Write compelling page titles that are human-readable.

  • Include a keyword in your page URL.

  • Ensure your images have descriptive alt tags and filenames.

  • Informational pages and blog posts should aim for ~500 words.

  • Write original product descriptions.

  • Use redirects where necessary.

  • Setup your business on other platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest.

  • Review your site on mobile.

  • Ensure your store is fast.

  • Google My Business Page

  • Verify My Business Locations

  • Add working hours on My Business

  • Add Business Photos to Google My Business

  • Add manager to business profile

  • Add Google Channel

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