Be Ready When Disaster Hits

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  • The first thing you can do is to be aware of which type of disasters actually occur where you live. Find out here:

  • Prepare a family plan for when disaster hits. Consider:

  • How you will receive the notification of the disaster. Do you subscribe to emergency alerts & warnings via mobile device, or will you follow local news stations?

  • What will be your plan for shelter?

  • How will you choose to evacuate (if necessary or advised)?

  • How will you maintain communication with your family, loved ones or those you live with?

  • What are your household needs that you must prepare? Consider:

  • Different ages of members of your household and family

  • Responsibilities you might have for assisting others inside or outside your household

  • Locations you frequent

  • Dietary needs

  • Medical needs, which includes prescribed drugs and equipment

  • Disabilities & any access difficulty

  • Functional needs, including devices & equipment

  • Languages spoken among those in your household

  • Cultural & religions preferences and obligations among those in your household

  • Pets or service animals

  • Household needs for school-aged children

  • Complete an Emergency Plan for your family/house-hold

  • Use this helpful link to drafting a proper emergency plan:

  • Practice your plan!

  • An important key to proper preparedness is practice. Familiarize your family or household with the drafted Emergency Plan you\'ve drafted.

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