Unique Ambient Wedding Light

  • Hanging globes https://goo.gl/nyL2D9

  • Candles inside dangling mason jars https://goo.gl/xdMHKa

  • Sitting tall mason jars with long candle sticks and baby\'s breath flowers https://goo.gl/trnfVn

  • Short candles and baby\'s breath floating in tall vases https://goo.gl/vgKBtg

  • Twinkle lights in lanterns https://goo.gl/W475Lh

  • A wall of bulbs on a string https://goo.gl/eJ4hWU

  • Twinkle light canopy https://goo.gl/eKwi4U

  • Multi-level chandeliers https://goo.gl/1tAYwm

  • Layered strings of twinkle lights

  • Twinkle light trees https://goo.gl/N8fPGT

  • Hanging bird cages filled with flowers and twinkle lights https://goo.gl/z313fF

  • Wooden logs filled with candles https://goo.gl/JKS6Yz

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