• Friday AM: Winter Uniform You! You is my 3rd best girl, and her hair is my favorite since it\'s short...

  • Friday PM: Cyber Maki, for the rave. It\'s gonna be lit...literally. I\'m gonna light up the night!

  • Saturday AM: Honoka cosplay with Angelic*Angels! The date and time is actually TBA, as well as the set. The group is leaning towards Cyber, but it\'s really expensive...and I already do Maki, ahaha.

  • Saturday PM: Casual outfit Yoshiko

  • Sunday: Funami Yui from YuruYuri in her panda kigurumi! My panda kigurumi is super soft and warm, so feel free to give me hugs!

  • I\'d love to do photoshoots for all of these but Yoshiko! I will ask Rye D\'Ammu but if you know anyone else or if you yourself have something that works better with schedules, hmu!

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