• Friday: I\'ll be debuting a cosplay from Assassination Classroom...Okuda Manami! She\'s not a major character but she\'s my fave! If anyone wants to do an AssClass group, let\'s talk!

  • Saturday AM: Initial SR Kanan

  • Saturday PM: Date and Time actually TBA, as well as set. But I\'ll be doing a cosplay with A*A! Hopefully we\'ll have a panel!

  • Sunday: Marine Nico, maybe with Elliot @guadetama as Nozomi? I\'ll talk to him about it, it sounds super fun. :) If we could get an Eli in on it...that\'d be great!

  • I\'d love to have photoshoots for Kanan and Nico. If we can get a group together, for Manami too!

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