Housekeeping Items-Day 2 (3/7/18)

  • Make a copy of EVERY checklist I send you.  Check off only the COMPLETED ITEMS by the end of each class.  Save as a PDF.  Submit to Google Classroom for daily/weekly participation grade.

  • Watch the 3 minute YouTube video on Imagery.

  • Listen to the San Francisco Kids Radio Station using songs to teach Imagery.  There are 6 radio stations.  Choose 4 song snippets from 4 different stations.  Then read the description on the left that talks about the Imagery in each song.

  • Complete the Notorious B.I.G. worksheet on Imagery.  Type answers inside of the downloaded MS Word document.  Save and upload to Google Classroom.

  • Watch the Arabian Dreams video once again taking notes on Imagery every 30 seconds until the song is finished.  Write down the times as they correlate with the feelings and/or mental images.  Make sure your name is on it.  Turn in to the teacher.  Typing inside of MS Word and uploading to Google Classroom is PREFERRED.

  • As a GROUP, open up the Music Video Proposal/Treatment and edit it. Use more vivid descriptions to convey the story you wish to tell in the video.  Compare notes.  Upload the newest version to Google Classroom.

  • As a GROUP, watch the storyboard comparison video on YouTube.

  • As a GROUP, draw/sketch the storyboard, include notes on imagery, include times from song.  Go through the ENTIRE song.  Turn in the storyboard w/ the Group\'s Production Company\'s name on it.  Plus, the first names of all group members.

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