How to add Google Maps to a Squarespace Site

  • Using Storemapper

  • Sign up for Storemapper

  • Get your embed code at your store\'s database

  • Go to the admin dashboard

  • Select "pages" and then "add page"

  • Name your new page and click save

  • Go back to the admin page

  • On the navigation menu, select the new page created

  • You will see a black bar. Hover the mouse over it and click on the black insert point

  • When the menu opens, select "Code"

  • Set the source to HTML

  • Paste the copied embed code on the text box and save

  • Save page\'s changes

  • Click on "View page" to check if the map is rendering correctly

  • Using an embedded Google Map

  • Create a account via Storemapper and simply embed the code onto your Squarespace site

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