How to Create a Powerful Car Dealership Website – 6 Step Checklist

  • Add contact details such as email and phone number

  • Add a Store Locator

  • List your address

  • Optimize For Mobile

  • Include Crisp & Clear Messaging with Great Images

  • Focus on highlighting your USP

  • Focus on highlighting the value you offer

  • Add Contact Information or a way for people to contact you

  • Phone number

  • Email

  • Chat

  • Contact form

  • Embed Video. In the video:

  • Address the pain/problem

  • Touch on the benefits

  • Highlight the USP

  • Explain the car selection & buying process

  • Make Navigation Easy

  • Include links to products & services

  • Include links to all your dealer locations

  • A way to sort your inventory so potential customers can find what they are looking for quickly. (If possible, break it down by make, body style, brand, price, color, and features.)

  • A search engine bar that works across the website.

This checklist was created by storemapper

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