A Step-by-Step Process For Running a Fully Remote Company

  • Trust your team.

  • Utilize the right tools.

  • Communication tool like Slack

  • Project management tool like Trello

  • Development team tool like Jell

  • Collaboration tools like Google Docs/Sheets/Hangouts

  • Analytics tool like Databox

  • Meeting tool like Zoom

  • Payroll/HR hub like Zenefits

  • Customer Service platform like Hubscout

  • Password management software like 1Password

  • Build your culture.

  • Encourage socializing through online messenger.

  • Host "photo Friday" company group chat.

  • Start every meeting by checking in with teammates.

  • Embrace diversity.

  • Don\'t limit hiring to your physical location.

  • Hire customer support team members from different timezones (that way you have coverage around-the-clock!).

  • Prioritize work/life balance.

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