Ultimate LinkedIn Profile Checklist 2019

  •  1. Picture: Make it professional. Ensure your face can be seen in it. Ideally, no one else should be in it. It doesn’t have to be you in a suit, it could be you speaking at an event, or you with a prop that you want to make a part of your online brand (ex. hat, special glasses).

  • 2. Name: Just use your name and don’t include your occupation in it. You want to make your name easy for other people to find you and tag you in posts.

  • 3. Headline: Make it a summary of your accomplishments/occupation/ unique branding characteristic (ex. Pioneering Personal Branding for Tech CEOs | Speaker | Founder at Insight)

  • 4. Summary: REALLY IMPORTANT. Please share your personal story in it and feel free to mention what you are working on right now and why you are on LinkedIn for (speaking, connecting with like-minded people, finding a job, etc). Put a way for people to contact you at the end of the summary. Include some media in the summary if you can (personal website, feature publications, videos, etc).

  • 5. Experience: Fill out your experience, volunteer experience and education. Beneath each job include a document (example of work product if possible) and a summary of your responsibilities and what you took away from the experience.

  • 6. Recommendations: This actually makes a difference to your profile as it affects your profile’s SEO (along with Honors/Awards/Projects and Publications). Try to get people you have worked with in the past or people you are currently working with to give you a short recommendation (make the recommendation tailored to an experience rather than you as a person only).

  • 7. Publications: Stack up your publications not only in terms of articles you wrote but articles that you are featured in. If you are quoted or featured in an article, add it under publications and make sure to tag the author of the article under the section “co- author.”

  •  8. Honors & Awards: Fill this up as best you can. Under each honor and award, don’t be afraid of stating how many people are given the award and how many applicants there were (if you know the number).

  • 9. Languages/Certifications/Courses: All useless but feel free to fill in if you want to complete your profile and get the all- star ranking from LinkedIn (feels good!).

  • 10. Implement what I have just told you, otherwise you won\'t see any results ;).

This checklist was created by thomasreck

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