• A. Fluid Leve

  • 1. The following fluid level is within manufacturers’ specifications: 

  • (a) Battery water level; 

  • (b) Fuel level; 

  • (c) Engine oil level; 

  • (d) Radiator water level; 

  • (e) Transmission oil level; 

  • (f) Hydraulic fluid level; and 

  • (g) Brake fluid level. 

  • B. Lights

  • 2. The following lights are in good working condition: 

  • (a) Headlights (high beam) 

  • (b) Reverse indicator

  • (c) Brake indicator 

  • (d) Hazard lights 

  • C. Adjustments to suit operator’s view 

  • 3. The following adjustments are made to suit the operator’s view:

  • (a) Driver seat

  • (b) Rear view mirror 

  • E. Brakes

  • 4. Foot brake is able to hold and stop the forklift smoothly. 

  • 5. Parking brake is able to hold the forklift when parked. 

  • D. Tyres  

  • 6. Tyres are inflated and free of excessive wear or damage. 

  • 7. Tyre nuts are tight. 

  • 8. Tyres have adequate thread. 

  • B. Lift or lower system 

  • 9. Controls of the lift or lower system are able to move freely. 

  • 10. Lift or lower system is able to return to neutral when released.

  • F. Others  

  • 11. The battery connecting terminals are tight and free of exterior defects. 

  • 12. Battery covers and guarding over other hazardous parts are in place and secured. 

  • 13. There are no visible signs of leakage (e.g., oil, water).

  • 14. Operator’s seat is free of visible defects. 

  • 15. Ensure the following is in good working condition: 

  • (a) Rear view mirror 

  • (b) Seat belt 

  • (c) Mast or forks 

  • (d) Fan belt

  • (e) Lifting chain

  • (f) Lifting hose 

  • (g) Limit switches 

  • (h) Hour meter gauge and other gauges on the instrument pane

  • (i) Battery charge or discharge indicator 

  • (j) Horn 

  • (k) Hydraulic control lever 

  • (l) Reverse warning buzzer 

  • (m) Backup alarm 

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