Prepping for a VC Meeting

  • Prepping Yourself

  • Have a specific, clear ask and outcome

  • Visualize that outcome happening (trust me)

  • Have a structure or agenda for the meeting. Follow it by default, but not at all costs.

  • Write down the PIC\'s (person in charge) interests and likely questions

  • Describe your offer to the VC (market info? insight? experience?)

  • Prepping for the Investor

  • Read LinkedIn Profile -- find commonalities

  • Read AngelList + Mattermark profile or website -- find followed / invested companies and beware competitors(!)

  • Read their latest twitter posts / blogs (bonus points if you have an opinion here)

  • If possible: prime the pump -- get trusted colleagues to lob in a good word about you or your company

  • Give feedback or say hi!



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