Once Upon a Time...Identifying Theme in Fairy Tales

  • Sit with your group at your assigned seats.

  • Make sure you have all your materials: copies of the book, pencil, paper, rubric, and Chromebook

  • Work together to read the text. Everyone will participate in reading.

  • Look up any unknown words from the text in the online dictionary.

  • Talk together to determine the theme of the fairytale. Everyone must agree for the theme to be final.

  • Write a rough draft of the theme. This will be shared online.

  • Get teacher approval of the written theme, before going on Storybird.com.

  • Go to Storybird.com, log on using the password:RR7QR

  • Select an image that represents your assigned fairytale. The image must be recognizable to a global audience as a representation of your fairytale.

  • Place the image on the left or right side of your page.

  • Save your work by clicking the save button in the lower left-hand side.

  • Review your work on the rubric and fill out the Teacher Evaluation form.

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